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  • We have been on the road for after-sale visits to upgrade our service.
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    As winter approaches, the temperature begins to plummet. In order to better protect the machine, prolong its service life, improve its efficiency,

    At Xinquanli laser

    There is such a group of people, they are unhindered, day and night travel, active in the customer's business scene;

    There is such a group of people, they all for the customer, the customer has the need to have their shadow;

    There is a group of people who, in the face of problems, actively communicate, answer questions and solve questions, come up with the best solution, and add value to their customers


    They are Xinquanli laser after-sales technology team! An ordinary group of people uses extraordinary behavior to shorten the distance between the company and its customers.


    As winter approaches, the temperature begins to plummet. In order to better protect the machine, prolong its service life, improve its efficiency, and let the Xinquanli laser equipment better serve its customers, from November 16 onwards, Xinquanli laser arranged several skilled after-sales engineers to carry out customer visits. Comprehensive inspection of the use of the machine, the whole machine to do a system troubleshooting, and seriously carried out a maintenance of equipment, has been highly praised by customers.


    In the return visit process, in addition to helping to solve the problems in the use of customers, but also to explain and guide the common failures of laser equipment, to help customers better use and maintenance, by the majority of customers!


    Visit the team all the way to answer questions, solve problems, all the way modestly listen to the views of customers, in order to come back to improve and rectify, so that Xinquanli laser products tend to improve, create greater value for customers.


    In order to be ale to provide good service for customers and friends all over the country, Xinquanli Laser has already arranged a good route for each after-sales staff, every county city, every township will not let go! In this trip, therefore, as long as you have the need, there is Xinquan laser after-sales service personnel figure!


    Since its establishment, Xinquanli laser has always adhered to the service concept of "providing high value services to customers with responsible attitude and professional skills", and has always insisted that service itself is an important part of our products Strive to achieve customer satisfaction is our pursuit, to let the service permeate into our blood. Through the development of after-sale visit activities, not only let the user use the laser equipment more easily, but also make the company relevant department personnel listen to the voice of the front line, understand the customer needs, and really close to the market, service users!

    Xin Quan Li laser is a professional manufacturer of laser equipment for development and production marking. After years of unremitting efforts to create a "super tough" brand, the company has independent research and development and manufacturing laser welding machine, laser marking machine, laser cutting machine integrated development and production capacity. To learn more about the price of laser cutting machine, welcome to call the consulting hotline: +86 0757-23619000

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