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  • What is the reason why the protection lens of laser cutting machine has water mist?
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    Laser cutting machine in processing must have the help of auxiliary gas! There are generally three kinds of auxiliary gases,

    Laser cutting machine in processing must have the help of auxiliary gas! There are generally three kinds of auxiliary gases, oxygen and nitrogen, and air. Of course, the higher the purity of the gas, the better the cutting quality. Air assisted cutting is a low cost method in laser cutting machine, but there is often water mist on the protective lens in the process of air assisted cutting, which is not only slow in cutting speed, but also poor in cutting quality. Why is there water mist in the protective lens of laser cutting machine?



    First of all, let us first popularize the role of auxiliary gases:


    1. In order to blow away the residual residue, good cutting effect is achieved.


    2. The metal slag is blown away by gas to protect the lens, and the slag is not attached to the lens, which affects the cutting quality.


    3. Can effectively achieve the cutting surface smooth, no burr no hanging slag effect, belong to the fine cutting.


    4. the reaction can be generated with the material, and the cutting speed can be increased; for example, the combustion-supporting effect can be achieved by using oxygen.


    Therefore, in order to achieve better cutting effect, the requirements of the auxiliary gas is relatively high! Although air can be used as auxiliary gas, because of the moisture and oil in air, if not treated, it will cause lens pollution and unstable cutting head, so that the cutting effect and quality are not up to standard. Therefore, when using air cutting, the optical fiber laser cutting machine should be equipped with a cold drying machine, which solves this problem very well. The condenser can forcibly cool the compressed air below the required dew point temperature, thus condensing a large amount of water vapor and oil mist into droplets, separated by gas and liquid, and discharged by the drain. Outside the machine, make compressed air dry.

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