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  • Guangzhou exhibition countdown 4 days to receive this carefully prepared exhibition "secret book"!
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    Four more days.The 21st Dipes Guangzhou International Advertising Logo Exhibition is about to begin

    Four more days.

    The 21st Dipes Guangzhou International Advertising Logo Exhibition is about to begin

    An advertising show is about to open

    Don't forget to read the Secret Book of Exhibitors carefully.


    Booth chart of exhibitors' secret tips


    20-23 February 2019

    Come for you. You're better.

    Xin Quanli Laser at Booth B02

    Full of surprises, waiting for you to come.


    Exhibitors' secret tips on transportation

    1. Traffic guidelines

    1. Public transportation

    B7 Express, 229239262304461461Af582A768788, Tourism 3, University City 3, Peak 59, etc., get off at Pazhou Station

    2. Aircraft

    Airport South (Terminal 1) MTR Station (North exit) Line 3 (North extension) Tai Yuk West Road (Line 3)! (turn Line 8)! (turn 8)! C / D exit of Pazhou Station


    3. Train

    A, Guangzhou Station: C- / D exit of Pazhou Station, Line 2, Changgang (turn 8)

    B, Guangzhou South Station: line 2, Guanchang Gang (turn 8) Pazhou Station C / D exit

    C, Guangzhou East Station: exit C / D of Pazhou Station, North extension of Line 1 or Line 3, Gongye West Road (Line 3), Tungke Village (turn Line 8), Pazhou Station 

    D, Guangzhou North Railway Station: line 9 Gaozeng (North extension of No.3 Line) Gaozhouxi Road (Line 3) Gouke Village (turn Line 8) Pazhou Station C / D exit


    4. Taxi

    Please let the taxi driver take you to: Pazhou Poly World Trade Expo (1000 Xingang East Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou)



    Second, self-driving lead

    A, Route 1: South China Express (exit of Xingang East Convention and Exhibition Center)


    B, Route 2: Keyun Road Pazhou Bridge (exit of Xingang East Convention and Exhibition Center)


    C, Route 3: Huancheng Expressway (Exhibition Center exit)


    D, Route 4: Guang Zhou Avenue, Guangzhou Bridge, Guang Zhou Bridge, Guang Ke Village Interchange, Hsinkang Central Road, Hsinkang East Road, Pouli Guild


    Special recommendation for exhibitors


    XQL-3015F fiber laser cutting



    1. The domestic advanced laser has long service life, high safety and high efficiency. The laser is custom-made according to the industry attribute, and the cutting speed of stainless steel is increased by 30 mm to 30 m / min compared with the same power brand cutting efficiency in stainless steel sheet cutting.


    2. Bilateral synchronous drive of professional NC system, stable and reliable


    3. Good transmission efficiency, high cutting precision


    XQL-3015P large surround High Speed Optical Fiber Laser cutting Machine



    1. Use independent R & D high exchange platform, one exchange only 20 seconds, European standard design, atmosphere upgrade, enhance corporate image.


    2. Simple integrated design: laser air-conditioning room design, longer life.


    3. Every detail is perfect, operating table, suspended lamp design, stainless steel wrap edge, we will make industrial products with luxury requirements.


    4. The bed adopts 600 ℃ high temperature heat treatment, 12 meters Germany import machining center gantry milling finishing, 48 hours cooling with the furnace, guarantees the machine to use for a long time not to deform.


    XQL-3015T Optical Fiber Laser cutting Machine with  Plate and Tube



    The utility model is a multifunctional fiber laser cutting machine which integrates square tube, round tube, flat tube and plane cutting. It is mainly used for cutting carbon steel, stainless steel laser cutting, aluminum alloy, galvanized plate, copper and other metal materials. Similar to lighting products, there are many kinds of metal pipe and plate industry, pipe laser cutting machine has a great advantage here.



    XQL-3015 double Drive Optical Fiber Laser cutting Machine



    Laser cutting can not only adapt to stainless steel, aluminum veneer, brass and copper with high reflective materials, but also have the characteristics of die less processing, which meets the requirements of small batch customization in home decoration industry.



    "Super" handheld fixed dual-purpose welder



    The welding depth and wide arm can reach up to 10: 1, the solder joint is smooth and beautiful, the weld seam is flat and has no porosity, the weld strength and toughness are at least equal to or even more than the base metal, only simple treatment is needed after welding, and the labor intensity of the workers is reduced.



    "Seiko Intrepid" Hand-held fixed Dual-Use Welding word Machine



    1. The red light can locate the welding spot quickly and can be installed with CCD visual observation (worktable welding).


    2, 3 D fine-tuning working platform, regardless of size words can be loaded placed.


    3, the thermal deformation and heat affected area are small.


    4, fast processing, special fixed focus position fixture, no CCD and microscope can quickly focus welding.



    Optical fiber laser marking machine



    Laser marking machine has non-contact processing in the process of processing, high speed, high precision, small deformation, not limited to patterns, enhance the added value of products, This makes our current lighting products not only according to the needs of personalized design, but also fine workmanship, so that the current lighting products in front of us shine.



    Optical fiber laser welding machine



    Laser welding machine is a new type of welding equipment. The laser beam is non-contact welding, the welding speed is fast, the weld seam is flat and beautiful, after welding no treatment or simple treatment is needed, the weld quality is high, the heat affected zone is small, and the deformation is small.

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