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  • Xinquanli laser explodes Shanghai international advertising exhibition
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    Just for this moment, the drum thundered, the heavy punch went out.



    Shanghai International Advertising Exhibition

    Grand opening

    Xinchuanli laser

    With a number of laser equipment series of new products stunning appearance at the exhibition

    Xinchuanli laser has been preparing for a long time

    Just for this moment, the drum thundered, the heavy punch went out.


    Exhibition: The 27th Shanghai International Advertising and Technical Equipment Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai International Advertising Exhibition)

    Exhibition Hall: Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center

    Time: March 5,2019 ~ March 8,2019

    Booth number: Xinchuanli 1H-A0382

    Address: 333 Songze road, Qingpu district, shanghai

    Needless to say, I will take you directly to the scene of the blaze right now!


    The Exhibition of Xin's All-Li Laser

    The booth is in Hall 1, A0382.

    I'd like to come here to find out what a small partner is going to remember.


    On the same day, the painting style of Xin Quan-li's laser exhibition hall is even more like this.

    The atmosphere is magnificent and stunning.

    The protagonist in the exhibition

    Laser products tailored to advertisers

    And won unanimous praise from consumers.

    The atmosphere of the scene, the fire, the inflammation, the fire, the fire, the baboon...

    The scene on the scene, people, from, the congregation,

    There's a plan and the truth!


    The small partners of the show are each customer

    patiently explain the new all-in-the-art laser product



    All kinds of negotiations, signing constantly

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