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  • Why does laser cutting machine choose oblique tooth, what advantage does relative straight tooth hav
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    Laser cutting machine commonly used several straight shaft transmission methods are ball screw, gear rack,
    Laser cutting machine commonly used several straight shaft transmission methods are ball screw, gear rack, linear motor. Ball screw drive is often used in medium-low speed, small stroke CNC machine tools; gear rack transmission is widely used, can achieve high speed, large stroke; linear motor is often used in high speed, high acceleration, special structure CNC machine tools. In addition, the commonly used gear rack is divided into straight teeth and helical teeth.



    Good meshing performance. When the spur gear is engaged, the contact line is a straight line parallel to the axis. Therefore, a pair of tooth profiles enter or withdraw from the meshing along the tooth width at the same time, which is easy to cause impact and noise, and the transmission stability is poor, so it is not suitable for high-speed gear transmission. The contact line of helical gear teeth is a straight line tilted with the gear axis. The tooth height of helical cylindrical gear is limited in meshing, so in the meshing process of two tooth profiles, the length of contact line increases gradually from zero, and then shortens gradually from a certain position. Up to the disengagement, that is, the helical gears enter and disengage gradually, so the transmission is smooth and the noise is low. At the same time, this kind of gear is smooth. The meshing mode also reduces the influence of manufacturing error on the transmission.


    2. High degree of overlap. The load of each pair of gears can be reduced, so that the bearing capacity of gears can be improved, the service life of gears can be prolonged, and the transmission will be stable.


    3.The minimum number of teeth without root cutting of helical standard gear is less than that of straight gear. Therefore, a more compact mechanism can be obtained by using helical gear transmission.

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