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  • Maintenance of Cold Water Machine for Optical Fiber Laser cutting Machine
    专栏:Industry Dynamics
    The chillers of the fiber laser cutting machine must be maintained regularly, so as to ensure that the machine is in a good state of work

    The chillers of the fiber laser cutting machine must be maintained regularly, so as to ensure that the machine is in a good state of work. In the event of failure, it is important to ask the professional and technical personnel to carry out repairs and keep in mind that the machine should not be dismantled by itself. Avoid causing irreparable damage.


    Attention should be paid to the following aspects in daily maintenance of the water chillers of optical fiber laser cutting machines:



    1. Regular cleaning of the heat sink, cleaning methods are: brush carefully brush the heat sink, and then blow clean with compressed air, if necessary, with water and special air conditioning fin cleaning agent (commonly known as dust) cleaning, rinse.


    2. Dedusting the condenser regularly (method same as above).


    3. Check water level in water tank of chiller regularly, if water level is too low, add pure water in time.


    4. Check electrical wiring terminals regularly and remove dust (to be carried out after power-off).


    5. Periodically check water leakage in the water system, pipeline aging, if leakage phenomenon should be replaced in time related components.


    6. Check the water quality in the water tank of the chillers regularly. If the quality of the cooling water becomes worse, turbidity and transparency decrease, it is necessary to release all the metamorphic cooling water in time and replace the new cooling water.


    7. If the filter element is damaged, it should be replaced in time. The replaced filter element must adopt the standard filter element required by the manufacturer.

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