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  • Why do processing manufacturers choose bilateral-driven helical laser cutting machines, and what are
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    Laser cutting machine tools generally adopt the form of gantry structure. When machining, the gantry moves,
    Laser cutting machine tools generally adopt the form of gantry structure. When machining, the gantry moves, bilateral transmission and drive, that is, both sides of the gantry beam are symmetrically mounted with rack and pinion and servo motor to realize double-sided rack and pinion drive and double servo motor drive. The bilateral drive ensures that the beam is balanced and the beam runs synchronously.



    Although the bilateral transmission motor and the rack and pinion are all of the same specifications, the mechanical error of the bilateral transmission is difficult to avoid when the gantry is performing a large stroke motion. It is necessary to compensate the bilateral position of the synchronous control, eliminate the mechanical error of the bilateral transmission, and ensure the positioning accuracy of the gantry in the full width. Some CNC laser cutting machines use gantry unilateral driving. The servo motor is installed at one end of the gantry beam, and then transmits the driving force to the other end through a long shaft to realize double-gear rack drive and single servo motor drive. The unilateral drive makes the beam asymmetrical, affecting the synchronization accuracy and reducing the dynamic performance of the machine.


    The transmission mode of gantry laser cutting machine is divided into two-wheel drive of rack and pinion and single-drive drive of lead screw nut. Although the bilateral drive is more expensive than the one-side drive, most sheet metal processing manufacturers prefer to choose bilateral drive. laser cutter. So, where is the bilateral drive better than the unilateral drive?


    1. A machine tool driven by a rack and pinion bilaterally. The gear transmission is used to transmit the motion and power between any two axes, and the transmission power is large.


    2. When the rack and pinion are driven by both sides, the rack and pinion have longer life than the lead screw nut, and the work is more stable and the reliability is higher.


    3.when the double-sided rack and pinion drive, the length of the rack can be extended infinite length, the machine width can be expanded to a large extent, and the flexibility of the whole machine is higher, which can meet the needs of different customers.


    3. When the two sides are driven, there are motors at both ends, which can accelerate the start faster and achieve high speed movement in a shorter time. The single-sided drive is driven by a motor. It can be imagined that under the premise of ensuring the synchronization of the two motors on the left and right rails, the bilateral drive start, whether it is the idle speed, the cutting speed and the acceleration, is faster than the single-side driving speed, the driving force is stronger, and the fiber can be fully utilized. The high speed advantage of laser cutting machines.

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