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  • How to solve the problem of large slit of fiber laser cutting equipment?
    专栏:Industry Dynamics
    Fiber laser cutting machine has become an indispensable and important tool in sheet metal processing.

    Fiber laser cutting machine has become an indispensable and important tool in sheet metal processing. The advantages of high cutting precision and high efficiency make the use of optical fiber laser cutting machine occupy the market rapidly. Usually, when we use laser cutting machine for machining, the cutting gap is very large occasionally, which causes the cutting accuracy of the workpiece to decrease, and can not meet the production requirements. What should we do when we encounter such a problem?



    01.Check the focal length for any problems, especially after cleaning the lens and replacing the new lens focal length change, adjust the correct focal length value!


    02. Check if the lens is damaged or dirty, as this can cause laser scattering, causing the laser beam to thicken, replace or clean the lens.


    03, the laser tube is also a factor that can not be ignored, check the quality of the laser tube exit light spot, if there are bright spots or light points are not round, hollow and other phenomena, for the laser tube support point, the direction is appropriate! The solution involves adjusting the support, rotating the direction, and replacing the laser tube.

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