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  • Talking about the importance of ventilation device to laser welding machine
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    As a laser welding machine equipment that has emerged in recent years, it has gradually replaced the market positioning in the traditional welding process.

    As a laser welding machine equipment that has emerged in recent years, it has gradually replaced the market positioning in the traditional welding process. It has unique and irreplaceable processing characteristics. The high-performance laser welding machine also has certain restrictions on the working environment. Among the many environmental requirements, the ventilation device is one of the major points. The Xinquanli laser mainly explains what kind of ventilation device can make the performance of the laser welding machine work.



    The following analysis of the influence of the ventilation device in the processing effect, because the main working principle of the laser welding machine is to use laser irradiation on the processing surface of the workpiece, so that the processed material dissolves quickly and evaporates, forming a phenomenon of welding and engraving according to the relative movement, however If the ventilation is not good in the case of evaporation, it will directly affect the effect. Therefore, in the working environment of the laser welding machine, the ventilation device directly affects the processing effect, and the following two methods are used for the treatment of the ventilation device.


    The first one is that during the processing of the laser welding machine, there will be an air exhaust device, so the air exhaust device is also one of the ventilation devices, which is composed of an exhaust fan, which is used for local exhaust and relief. It can improve the processing effect and thus indirectly protect the environment.


    The second type is comprehensive ventilation. The so-called comprehensive ventilation refers to ventilating the environment in the working chamber of the laser welding machine, diluting the air inside, purifying the air inside, and achieving a good working environment. This way can be indirect. Improve the processing effect. These two schemes are commonly used in the current ventilation devices, and the mastering method can ensure the convenience of the operator, and can improve the processing effect, and make the laser welding machine work more satisfactorily.

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