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  • Can a laser cutting machine cut a galvanized sheet?
    专栏:Industry Dynamics
    Laser cutting machines have a very large proportion in modern industrial production. There are also some advances in the cutting of high-reflective materials.

    Laser cutting machines have a very large proportion in modern industrial production. There are also some advances in the cutting of high-reflective materials. In fact, laser cutting machines can also cut high-reflective materials, such as our more common galvanized sheets. The application of laser cutting machines in this industry is also very common.


    What is galvanized sheet? Galvanized sheet is a commonly used material in the manufacturing industry. In order to extend the service life of the steel sheet and avoid surface rust, a layer of metal zinc is applied to the steel sheet, which is mainly used in households. The outer casing of household appliances, kitchen utensils, and township chimneys are widely used as a composite material.

    In general, galvanized sheets can be cut using a laser cutter, and the hardness of the material is also consistent with that of ordinary steel sheets.

    For cutting galvanized sheet, we recommend using a high-power metal laser cutting machine. The hardness of the galvanized sheet is softer than that of copper. The metal laser cutting machine can easily cut the copper. The galvanized sheet is naturally not a problem. So, the laser cutting machine can cut galvanized sheets.

    However, I would like to remind you that in order to achieve good process results in metal laser cutting, it is necessary to use auxiliary gas in laser processing. The metal laser cutting machine can use oxygen and nitrogen as the main metal cutting auxiliary gas.

    In order to cut to a certain quality level, we should pay attention to the purity of the gas. When using oxygen for cutting, it should be noted that the purity of oxygen should be 99.

    Here to say more, in the process of cutting galvanized sheet, it is necessary to add more than 99.66 auxiliary gas, the purity of nitrogen should be above 99.5, so that the galvanized sheet cut can achieve higher requirements. The role of oxygen is oxidative combustion, the role of nitrogen is anti-oxidation and flame retardant. The cut surface of galvanized sheet cut with nitrogen is not only smooth, but also has no yellowing color change.

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