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  • What is the difference between a ball screw, a ball screw and a normal screw?
    专栏:Industry Dynamics
    The ball screw is also called a ball screw and a screw. The working principle of the ball screw is to convert the rotary motion into linear motion

    The ball screw is also called a ball screw and a screw. The working principle of the ball screw is to convert the rotary motion into linear motion, or to convert the linear motion into the ideal product of the rotary motion. The ball screw is applied to the laser cutting machine to improve the running smoothness and cutting precision of the equipment. One of the ways.


    The ball screw is composed of a screw, a nut and a ball. When it is applied on the device, it converts the rotary motion into a linear motion. The important effect of this method is to make the rolling motion smoother and the friction is small. Such a transmission mode is used in many fine machines. It is widely used in various industrial equipment and precision instruments.

    The ball screw is different from the ordinary screw:

    1. Transmission efficiency. The transmission efficiency of the ball screw can be as high as 90~96%, and the transmission efficiency of the lead screw is about 26~46%. That is to say, under the same size complexity, the ball screw can use a smaller driving power, which can effectively reduce the production cost, can also reduce the loss, and increase the efficiency of the enterprise.

    2, transmission speed. The ball screw is rolling friction, and the trapezoidal screw is sliding friction, so that the temperature rise of the former is much lower than that of the latter during operation, so it can undertake high-speed transmission tasks.

    3, the service life. The surface friction of the rolling friction of the ball is small, and the ball screw has a longer service life than the ordinary screw under the premise of various cleaning and maintenance operations.

    4, self-locking. The self-locking property is generally inversely proportional to the transmission efficiency. Therefore, the ball screw has almost no self-locking property, and the trapezoidal screw has a certain self-locking property (depending on the lead angle and the working surface roughness).

    5. Economical. The ball screw is more complicated than the ordinary screw, so the price is higher than the price of the ordinary screw.

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