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  • Laser makes love visible:Use a laser marking machine to make a Mother's Day gift!
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    Mother's Day is coming soon. Have you prepared a gift for your mother? Just the right gift can not only convey your heart and blessings,

    Mother's Day is coming soon. Have you prepared a gift for your mother? Just the right gift can not only convey your heart and blessings, but also bring happiness and surprise to each other. But if you are still thinking about sending designer bags, carnations, or affectionate greeting cards... then the way you express gratitude to your mother is not enough to keep up with the times. It's better to use a laser technique to make this Mother's Day more flavorful.



    In this era of mobile phones and cameras, you can take photos anytime, anywhere, but it is rare that photos carved with laser technology can preserve precious historical moments forever, whether it is the mother's lush years or a happy life. In an instant, it is all extraordinary.


    2. Jewelry

    Amy is the nature of every woman, and jewelry is an indispensable accessory for women. In the mother to send a laser-customized jewelry, marking special words, greetings and personalized patterns, etc., especially without losing the solemnity.


    3. Wood comb

    The texture is solid, not easy to bend, does not hurt the skin, does not hurt the hair, can not afford static electricity, has a good hair care effect. Comb your hair several times a day with horns to massage the brain's scalp and head nerves, promote blood circulation, and relax tension and fatigue. Using a laser marking machine to engrave what you want to say on the comb, you can imagine how many people will receive the gift! Laser marking can produce a variety of texts, symbols and patterns on a variety of materials, the size of the characters can be from millimeters to micrometers, and the marking speed is fast and long-term, so this love will remain forever.


    4. Thermos cup

    A private custom mug with the name engraved on it. This is achieved using a fiber laser marking machine. The fiber laser marking machine has good beam quality, high reliability, long operating life and energy saving, and is mainly applied to fields with high requirements on depth, smoothness and fineness. Such as mobile phones, vacuum flasks, stainless steel trim, watches and clocks and other industries.


    Each gift is carefully planned, and the laser processing technology used in it reflects the sincerity and intention of the gift giver. Using laser technology to preserve your blessings for a long time, let this friendship never deteriorate, this is the value that technology brings to life.

    Xin Quan Li laser is a professional manufacturer of laser equipment for development and production marking. After years of unremitting efforts to create a "super tough" brand, the company has independent research and development and manufacturing laser welding machine, laser marking machine, laser cutting machine integrated development and production capacity. To learn more about the price of laser marking machine, welcome to call the consulting hotline: +86 0757-23619000

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