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  • Laser welding machine VS argon arc welding cost analysis
    专栏:Industry Dynamics
    What kind of value can a laser welding machine bring to you?

    What kind of value can a laser welding machine bring to you? How much does it cost to buy a laser welding machine? This is a very interesting issue for many buyers. The price of the laser welding machine not only determines the cost performance of the equipment, but also the cost of welding the workpiece. What are the considerations for welding costs?


    Generally, we will consider the cost of welding consumables, labor costs and electricity consumption.


    For the laser welding machine, there are two kinds of consumables, laser tube and cooling water. If the laser welding machine is used frequently, it will be changed twice a year, about four or five hundred per lamp. The lamp is obviously worth nothing. Money, pure water 10 quick money a barrel, once in February, one barrel at a time, this is even more worthless. Therefore, the consumables of the laser welding machine are not worth mentioning compared with the consumables of the argon arc welding, and the laser welding machine is relatively economical.

    2. Labor costs

    Welding is a technical activity. Other welding equipment such as argon arc welding and soldering used in the past are all non-universal. Without certain technical experience, it is difficult to weld high quality products.

    The operation of the laser welding equipment can break through this bottleneck, as long as it is a normal person, you can learn to operate within 1 day. Such equipment operation design is based on the consideration of the current Chinese market, and it is difficult to consider the recruitment of most bosses. A general worker only needs two thousand or so per month, and the technical individual says less than three or five yuan. That means saving more than 1,000 labor costs per month and 12,000 yuan per year. This is the labor cost of one person, and the number of people is 120,000. Every year, ten years will save you 1.2 million labor costs, not a small amount.

    3. Electricity consumption

    Xin Quanli laser welding machine laser less maintenance-free, stable, long life, the machine power consumption is only equivalent to one-eighth of YAG laser welding machine and traditional argon arc welding, bump welding, plasma welding.

    Xin Quan Li laser is a professional manufacturer of laser equipment for development and production marking. After years of unremitting efforts to create a "super tough" brand, the company has independent research and development and manufacturing laser welding machine, laser marking machine, laser cutting machine integrated development and production capacity. To learn more about the price of laser welding machine, welcome to call the consulting hotline: +86 0757-23619000

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