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  • The thinner the metal plate, the better the fiber laser cutting machine is cut?
    专栏:Industry Dynamics
    Fiber laser cutting machines are famous for processing metal sheets, and the processing quality is good!

    Fiber laser cutting machines are famous for processing metal sheets, and the processing quality is good! Generally speaking, the thinner the metal plate is processed by the fiber laser cutting machine, the easier it is. Is this really the case?


    For fiber laser cutting machines, cutting 1mm sheet metal is an easy task and cutting speed is very fast. It is also very simple and easy to handle in the processing operation! However, cutting a 0.08mm thin plate is not so simple. Although it is very easy to cut the surface, in actual operation, since the plate is too thin, the material is heated during the processing, and the remaining material is easily lifted, which affects the cutting precision. If you rely on labor to process the remaining materials, it is also a thankless effort, time-consuming and laborious!

    Some people may think that it would be better if a few sheets were stacked together. In theory, it can be achieved, but if it is actually operated, there will be a more deadly problem, that is, accuracy! Accuracy is achieved for the surface of the sheet, but for the bottom sheet, the residue will remain on the surface and the accuracy will be greatly discounted.

    Therefore, for fiber laser cutting machines, not the thinner metal plate is more conducive to fiber laser cutting machine processing!

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