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  • Which air compressor is suitable for fiber laser cutting machines?
    专栏:Industry Dynamics
    Fiber laser cutting machines use high-pressure gas to blow out energy. Therefore, auxiliary gases are used in processing products.

    Fiber laser cutting machines use high-pressure gas to blow out energy. Therefore, auxiliary gases are used in processing products. On the one hand, processing needs. On the other hand, different gases have different auxiliary cutting functions. Common auxiliary gases for fiber laser cutting machines are: air, oxygen, and nitrogen. Among these three gases, the low cost of air is also the choice of many customers. With air-assisted cutting, we can't do without a device, and that is the air compressor. However, there are several types of air compressors. Today we will talk about which type of air compressor is suitable for laser cutting machines.


    The air compressors commonly used in the fiber laser cutting machine industry can be divided into oil air compressors and oil-free air compressors. We often say that oil-free air compressors are not a little oil and do not contain oil, but the oil content is very small. This makes the operation of the laser cutting machine relatively stable; if an oil-based air compressor is used, it will cause a great waste of lubricating oil, which is extremely unfavorable to the operation of the laser cutting machine, which can easily lead to the protection lens of the fiber laser cutting machine. Oily water or dirty matter, which causes the laser cutting machine to deviate from the optical path or sometimes not to wear during the cutting process. So which one is the laser cutting machine? Xiaobian generally advises customers to buy screw-type oil-free air compressors, which are stable in gas consumption and long in use time. If customers buy oil-air compressors, it is recommended to use two oil-water filters to reduce some oil and water.

    Fiber laser cutting machines can handle cutting requirements in a variety of materials and complex shapes. However, its operation is inseparable from clean, dry and stable compressed air. A portion of the compressed air is supplied to the cutting head as a cutting gas composed of high purity oxygen and high purity nitrogen. A part is supplied as a power source to the cylinders of the clamping table, and a part is used to purge and remove the light path system. The compressed air discharged from the air enters the gas control cabinet through the gas storage tank and the dryer, and then passes through a precise processing system to become a clean and dry gas, which is divided into three paths, which are respectively used as cutting gas, cylinder power source and light path. The positive pressure dust removal gas maintains the normal operation of the fiber laser cutting machine.

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