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  • XQL-3015T - "Big" has something to do
    专栏:Industry Dynamics
    XQL-3015T fiber laser cutting machine integrates large-format, multi-functional and safety organically.

    XQL-3015T fiber laser cutting machine integrates large-format, multi-functional and safety organically. It is our responsibility to provide customers with more satisfactory products. It can cut metal sheets and cut metal pipes. The design greatly saves the purchase cost and floor space, and the large countertop brings high efficiency.



    First, the advantages of large countertops

    Large table top + pipe cutting = high efficiency, 3.0 * 1.5 m table top can accommodate most of the size of the plate on the market, more material, but also can be flexibly used according to the actual situation, splicing and placing multiple small plates for cutting, reducing the upper and lower The number of times the material is fed makes the cutting efficiency higher.


    Second, a dual-use design

    Adopting the design of plate and tube, it can realize one machine to cut metal plate and metal pipe. After cutting the plate, it can directly cut the pipe to achieve seamless connection, greatly reducing manual intervention, saving manpower and improving efficiency. .



    Third, the professional CNC control system

    The cutting technology of the plate-and-tube integrated laser cutting machine provides advanced cutting technology and rich cutting experience, enabling the cutting operator to achieve high-quality, high-efficiency CNC cutting through skilled use of the control system.

    Xin Quan Li laser is a professional manufacturer of laser equipment for development and production marking. After years of unremitting efforts to create a "super tough" brand, the company has independent research and development and manufacturing laser welding machine, laser marking machine, laser cutting machine integrated development and production capacity. To learn more about the price of laser cutting machine, welcome to call the consulting hotline: +86 0757-23619000

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