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  • The bigger the power of the laser cutting machine, the better, how should we choose?
    专栏:Industry Dynamics
    Nowadays, many customers choose not only to pay attention to equipment quality and price when purchasing
    Nowadays, many customers choose not only to pay attention to equipment quality and price when purchasing laser cutting machines, but now they are more suitable to choose their own equipment according to the difference in cutting materials. So how do you choose the right power segment based on your cutting material? Is the power of the device as high as possible?



    1. The range of materials and services required by the company

    We must consider the scope of our business, the thickness of the material to be cut, which materials need to be cut, etc., and then the power of the equipment and the size of the workbench to be purchased. Currently, the power of the laser cutting machine on the market is from 500W to 6000W, and work. The size of the Taiwanese manufacturers can be customized according to customer needs.


    2. The size of the laser power

    In the choice of laser cutting machine performance, we should consider our own environment, the size of the laser power is very critical, for example, we often cut metal sheets below 6mm, then we choose 500W-1000W laser cutting machine to guarantee production Demand, if you cut more than 6mm of material, we need to consider the machine with a larger power, which is very helpful for the cost control of the enterprise.


    3. Part of the laser cutting machine

    Some important parts of the laser cutting machine, we also need to pay attention when purchasing. Laser generators, laser cutting heads, servo motors, guide rails, water tanks, etc., must be clearly defined as domestic or foreign. These components directly affect the cutting speed and accuracy of the laser cutting machine.


    4. After sales service

    No matter how good a laser cutting machine is, users will encounter various problems in the process of using them. In the case of problems that customers cannot solve themselves, it is especially important for manufacturers to provide timely solutions. Xinquanli Laser has established a perfect marketing network. At present, 26 cooperative agents have been set up in China, which are distributed in major central cities in China. “Close to the user extension service”, covering the nationwide sales and service network, ensures the timely and quick response of Xinquanli laser laser to customer needs.

    Xin Quan Li laser is a professional manufacturer of laser equipment for development and production marking. After years of unremitting efforts to create a "super tough" brand, the company has independent research and development and manufacturing laser welding machine, laser marking machine, laser cutting machine integrated development and production capacity. To learn more about the price of laser cutting machine, welcome to call the consulting hotline: +86 0757-23619000

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