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  • Customer case:Application of fiber laser cutting machine in the field of advertising identification
    Application area: advertising industry

    Product model: XQL-1330

    Product Name: Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

    Cooperation address: Inner Mongolia

    Application area: advertising industry

    Summary of product advantages: the use of imported guide transmission mechanism and servo motor, high cutting precision; free to design a variety of graphics or text instant cutting, simple, flexible and convenient operation. The cutting edge has good quality, small deformation, flat appearance and beautiful appearance;

    Recommended Products】

    XQL-3015F light industrial fiber laser cutting machine


    1. Peak strength (smooth cutting without burr edge), high wear resistance (high-precision laser technology wear resistance), smooth turning (photoelectric conversion high cutting edge smooth)

    2. Domestic advanced lasers, high electro-optic efficiency, water-saving and power-saving, especially important for long-term maintenance-free use, can save a lot of maintenance funds and time, improve work efficiency.

    3. Import high-precision electronically controlled proportional valve to precisely control the air pressure of the cutting auxiliary gas to achieve a good cutting effect. It is much more precise and convenient than a manual pressure regulator.

    4. Cutting thin plate is fast, 20% faster than ordinary cutting machine (customized laser)

    Xin Quanli Laser is a modern manufacturer specializing in the development, production and sales of high-end CNC laser equipment. It is committed to providing one-stop full-industry chain intelligent laser equipment solutions for global users. Want to know more about the price of laser cutting machine, welcome your call, the national hotline: 0757-23619000

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