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  • Xinquanli Outdoor Development Training
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    On December 14th, 66 sales elites of Xinquanli Laser came to Foshan Sanshui Qiaoxin Development Base for a two-day training program.
    On December 14th, 66 sales elites of Xinquanli Laser came to Foshan Sanshui Qiaoxin Development Base for a two-day training program. Unite and cooperate in training, meet difficulties before the test, seize rare opportunities, and achieve self-transcendence!


    This quality development is divided into five major items: team articles (remembering military regulations, team display, team building, pre-dinner training), identification articles (warm-up exercise, smart paging hoop, unlocking bracelets, passionate beats, turning cards), gratitude Articles (stormy life, surprise birthday party), executive articles (morning exercises, T-character puzzles, information transmission), cohesion articles (graduation wall). Training objectives: team cohesion, teamwork, team work efficiency, team trust, know how to be grateful.


    First, divide all the personnel into teams. Each team must have its own captain and team secret. Everyone designs their team name, team song, and team training. After 15 minutes of preparation, five teams (respectively: Flying Eagles, The Wolves, the Eagles, the Bright Swords, and the Fighters were officially formed. The bright slogan, neat steps, and sturdy demeanor fully demonstrated the full and vigorous style of Xinquanli's elite team, and demonstrated the good spirit of Xinquanli's team.


    Each well-designed project integrates fun and challenge, which stimulates everyone's enthusiasm and fighting spirit. The team members cooperate with each other, constantly summarize and discover, improve the fighting method, constantly challenge the limits, and overcome all difficulties and challenges. , Completed the task that was once considered impossible.


    After the completion of each project, everyone shared the gains and losses of experience and perceptions. The trainees fully realized the management concepts that are closely related to work, such as leadership, execution, effective communication, team trust, transposition thinking, and teamwork.


    The purpose of this extended training is to enable the team members to take the initiative to contact and communicate with others to achieve mutual familiarity and understanding. Break down the barriers between people, so that team members can increase their familiarity in a short period of time and integrate into the activities as soon as possible. Active atmosphere, accelerate understanding between team members, mobilize team members' enthusiasm and activity enthusiasm. Establish a team leadership team, realize a new team composition, and improve the team members' cooperation ability.


    We believe that in the future, all people of Xinquanli Laser will work together to ride the wind and break the waves and jointly write a new glorious chapter of Xinquanli Laser.


    Xin Quanli Laser is a modern manufacturer specializing in the development, production and sales of high-end CNC laser equipment. It is committed to providing one-stop full-industry chain intelligent laser equipment solutions for global users. Want to know more about the price of laser cutting machine, welcome your call, the national hotline: +86-0757-23619000

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