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  • Harbin Station 丨 Xinquanli Laser wishes the 3rd China Logo Culture Festival a complete success!
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    On December 22, 2019, at the International Five Star Sheraton Hotel, No. 63 Xiangfu Road, Xiangfang District, Harbin City
    On December 22, 2019, at the International Five Star Sheraton Hotel, No. 63 Xiangfu Road, Xiangfang District, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, a grand logo industry event-the third China Logo Culture Festival was held here. The current logo culture festival is co-sponsored by the national logo industry associations in all provinces and sponsored by the Heilongjiang logo industry association. The theme is "Ingenuity of the Great Country, Keeping Pace with the Times".



    The 3rd China Logo Culture Festival is a large-scale and influential domestic event. It is an authoritative and professional large-scale comprehensive activity in the national logo industry. It is a logo academic, logo design, logo production, logo customer, education field exchange of industry culture, and market business negotiations. The high-efficiency platform highlights the development status of the industry, enhances the professional quality of the industry, analyzes the deep problems of the industry, common capabilities and common development, leads the industry's innovation and development, and contributes to the planning of the city's identification system.


    Guangdong Xinquanli Laser Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.-as the sponsor of the "Xinquanli Night" of the logo cultural festival, we have witnessed the success of the logo cultural festival with logo associations and logo companies across the country. "Fiber laser cutting machine" has taken the goal of reaching the national market and even the global market one step further.



    Event Name: The 3rd China Logo Culture Festival 2019

    Activity time: December 22-24, 2019

    Venue: International Five-star Sheraton Yongtai Hotel, 63 Xiangfu Road, Xiangfang District, Harbin, Heilongjiang, China

    The successful holding of this cultural festival and skills competition is the success of China's logo industry and the success of Chinese logo makers. Xinquanli Laser wishes the complete success of the 3rd China Logo Cultural Festival, and hopes that the logo industry in China will be better tomorrow!


    Xin Quanli Laser is a modern manufacturer specializing in the development, production and sales of high-end CNC laser equipment. It is committed to providing one-stop full-industry chain intelligent laser equipment solutions for global users. Want to know more about the price of laser cutting machine, welcome your call, the national hotline: +86-0757-23619000

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