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    XQL-MF500AF  CSH400AF 4 Axis auto laser welder

    • XQL-MF500AF  CSH400AF 4 Axis auto laser welder
    XQL-MF500AF CSH400AF 4 Axis auto laser welder
    brand: XQL
    origin: Guangdong foshan
    model: XQL-MF500AF
    Powerdemand: 220V
    Function object: Metal、Metal welding
    use: Metal welding
    warranty: 1 Year
    brief: The welding line is smooth and beautiful. There is no processing or simple processing procedure afte
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    Advantages and characteristics:

    The equipment is specially developed for the precision welding industry in our company, and has a high magnification system, which is well received by the users. The latest device adopts the constant voltage source power supply mode, which has the choice of touch screen and touch-tone mode. The waveform of the power system is adjustable, the optical path system is optimized, the optical path is stable, and the energy is constant. The external circulating water adopts the Japanese imported compressor, the whole machine adopts the military grade cooling water tank, the appearance is beautiful, the effect is first-class.

    The pulse laser power supply is specially designed for pulse Nd:YAG laser, which is controlled by single chip microcomputer. Through touch mode operation panel parameters such as laser output power, frequency and pulse width, the user through the keyboard to machining trajectory programming and processing speed, the welding parameters and welding requirement, in order to achieve the best welding effect, thus can meet the demand of various metal welding, is an ideal configuration multi-function laser welding machine.

    CSH400AF four-axis combined laser welding machine and its supporting rotary jig, adopt CNC control system, can weld intersecting line, involute, curve, point whole column and so on any trajectory.