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    XQL-SS200A  Jewelry Welding Machine Manual

    • XQL-SS200A  Jewelry Welding Machine Manual
    XQL-SS200A Jewelry Welding Machine Manual
    brand: XQL
    origin: Guangdong foshan
    model: XQL-SS200A
    Powerdemand: 220V
    Function object: Metal、Metal welding
    use: Metal welding
    warranty: 1 Year
    brief: The welding line is smooth and beautiful. There is no processing or simple processing procedure afte
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    Advantages and characteristics:

    It is widely used in precision machining of tiny parts, such as ring, pendant, bracelet, denture, mobile phone charger interface, hardware, clock, sporting goods, golf head, medical instruments. Titanium alloy ornament, special

    Used for filling the holes of gold and silver jewelry, spot weld lines, inlaid parts, etc.

    Product advantages

    Capable of working 24 hours continuously, stable working performance of the whole machine, electric beam adjustment and expansion;

    Humanized design, ergonomic, long working hours without fatigue;

    In addition, the high-definition CCD observation system was first used based on 10X microscope observation system to ensure beautiful spot welding effect.

    The display adopts 7 inch LED screen, which can switch freely between Chinese and English and connect with the international market.