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    XQL-3015Dual drive laser cutting machine

    • XQL-3015Dual drive laser cutting machine
    XQL-3015Dual drive laser cutting machine
    brand: XQL
    origin: Guangdong foshan
    model: XQL-3015
    Powerdemand: 220V
    Function object: Metal
    use: Metal cutting
    warranty: 1 Year
    brief: Dual drive gantry interactive optical fiber laser cutting equipment. It has the advantages of stable
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    Advantages and features:

    1. The light beam is maintained at constant and stable operating power under all power.

    2. Low thermal load, small volume and low operating cost.

    3. Adopt central centralized zoning to get strong wind, and the dust extraction effect is excellent.

    4. Ensure the long-term stability and precision of the machine. The welding mechanism of the bed body and the beam ensures that the huge thrust generated by the instantaneous acceleration and deceleration of the large-capacity motor is uniformly distributed to all positions of the machine, which greatly reduces the machine vibration.

    5. Standard industrial grade machining process: integral welding molding, rough machining, vibration aging, semi-finishing, finishing.

    6. The structural rigidity conforms to the standard of industrial grade machine tools with high precision and completely eliminates the stress of welding and processing.