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    XQL-4025 Dual drive laser cutting machine

    • XQL-4025 Dual drive laser cutting machine
    XQL-4025 Dual drive laser cutting machine
    brand: XQL
    origin: Guangdong foshan
    model: XQL-4025P
    Powerdemand: 220V
    Function object: Metal
    use: Metal cutting
    warranty: 1 Year
    brief: Dual drive gantry interactive optical fiber laser cutting equipment. It has the advantages of stable
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    1. Adopting independent research and development high and low exchange platform, which takes only 20 seconds to exchange at a time. European standard design, high-end and elegant, improves corporate image.

    2. Simple integrated design: laser air conditioning room is designed for longer life.

    3. We strive for perfection in every detail, such as operating table, suspension lamp design and stainless steel binding. We will make industrial products according to the requirements of luxury products.

    4. The lathe bed with 600 ℃ high temperature heat treatment, 12 meters Germany import processing center milling machine finishing, 48 hours with the furnace cooling, ensure the machine use for a long time not deformation, acceleration of 1.5 G.

    5. Complete set of imported gear rack and reducer is used for 6 years.